Legionnaires disease in domestic, rented properties

More and more frequently, legionella related deaths and illnesses are being found in relation to domestic properties, and are being highlighted in the media. The risk in rented properties, is that if any death or illness caused by legionella were to happen, the Landlord or Managing Agent of the property would be liable. The landlord or managing agent would then face a fine of an unlimited amount, which would be decided by a court of law. Legionella is a potentially fatal disease, there are also less severe types of Legionellosis, for example Pontiac fever, which although is not usually fatal, is a hazard to health.

Some articles have been is the national press recently, and links to these stories are here:

• Grandad killed by legionnaires disease caused by garden hose

o https://www-aol-co-uk.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/www.aol.co.uk/travel/2017/06/16/granddad-killed-legionnaires-disease-garden-hose/amp/

• Deadly legionella lurking in approximately 1.5 million UK homes

o http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4569428/Deadly-Legionnaires-bug-lurking-1-5m-British-homes.html#ixzz4jDKJtod7

Many companies and service providers such as EPC/Gas Cert & inventory have started offering this service, but without the required level of competency and offering poor quality documents. This leaves the landlord, the company who appointed the service provider and most importantly the tenant at risk, should any issues arise in a property.

We are a legionella control specialist, so using us for assessments means you fulfil your obligation to use a competent service provider. Not only do we assess rented properties, but also assess and manage NHS Health Centres, Schools/Universities, Hotels, Residential Care Homes etc.

As we are a legionella control specialist we can offer the full spectrum of legionella control/water hygiene services including:

• Legionella Risk Assessment (Landlord shortened version or full commercial)
• Cold Water Tank & Full Water System Chlorination & Disinfection
• Consultancy (with landlords/property owners following the assessments if required)
• Remedial Plumbing Works
• Sampling
• Training
• Safe Contractor Approved

Benefits to our service include:

• City & Guilds Qualified Assessors
• High quality assessment & full water system inspection including cold water tank inspection, photographic evidence, site specific recommendations, control scheme for landlords and tenants advising of duties.
• 10 Years’ experience
• Fully Insured
• Full Uniform/Shoe Protectors/ID/CRB Checked

For more information, please see our website www.acquiescecompliance.com or call 0121 608 3272