The T-Safe® Hygiene Shower replacement scheme ensures compliance, reduces risk and offers cost savings.

The cleaning and descaling challenge

Shower heads and hoses should be kept free from organic matter through periodic, cleaning descaling (and disinfection in Healthcare facilities) on a quarterly basis or at greater frequencies as stipulated by the risk assessment in accordance with the Health and Safety Executive HSG 274 and the Department of Health HTM 04 01 guidance.

This represents a significant challenge for building managers owing to the sheer extent of the task, the need for staff training and competency assessment, labour and consumable costs, the use of harsh chemicals and the adverse impact on building users due to unavailability of key services during maintenance.


However, in practice few shower heads or hoses are ever adequately cleaned, descaled and disinfected due to the fact that they cannot be fully dismantled to facilitate effective maintenance owing to their design. Most shower head are either of a single moulded piece construction or can have to a multitude of internal component parts. In these cases it is almost impossible to even check or audit whether maintenance has even taken place or been effective. Furthermore cleaning and descaling tasks are often inadequately performed and are merely chemically soaked. This may be due to a lack of training or supervision while maintenance can be missed altogether due to the multitude of priorities that the modern day building manager faces. Consequently organic matter and biofilms can remain and build up over time providing a potential food source and environment for harmful water borne pathogens to proliferate.

All of these factors combined render traditional methods of cleaning and descaling futile as compliance often cannot or is not being achieved leaving patients, residents, building users and visitors unnecessarily at risk.

The T-Safe® Hygiene Shower replacement scheme offers a maintenance free solution to the requirements of HSG274 and HTM 04 01 that ensures compliance, reduces risk and offers cost savings.

T-Safe® Hygiene Showers utilise Biomaster antimicrobial additive technology which provides a permanent limiting barrier to bacterial growth between exchanges whilst also reducing the risk of both retrograde and cross contamination in everyday use. Colour coded shower heads and hoses are exchanged for new on a quarterly basis with each colour code corresponding to an annual maintenance program chart, thus providing a visual indicator that exchange has taken place and compliance has been achieved. The unique design of the T-Safe® Hygiene Shower includes a removable face-plate that enables internal inspection of the shower head condition or quick and effective cleaning between planned quarterly exchange cycles if required by the risk assessment. Optional flow regulators can help the T-Safe® Hygiene Shower replacement scheme pay for itself by providing a return on investment opportunity through water and energy savings.